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Bring Love, trust, happiness and intimacy to Highly Sensitive Old Souls.



Ebook "Hey Goldilocks!"

How to recognize the 3 Big Bears of bad relationships, name, claim and tame them, and turn 'not good enough' fears into your own Just Right Goldilocks Principle.

18 pages.

If you recognize any of these Big Bears (Control, Deprivation, Rejection) running roughshod through your life, call me for a series of Goldilocks Repatternings designed to restore your own "Just Right" place of power. Because you and your relationships really matter!

401 654 1565




Are your ideal customers waiting for you to take them to the higher planes of peace and love, worthiness and trust? This customizable package helps you know your purpose, clarify your message and grow your business from strength (and loving service).



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Change "Love Blocks" Into Warmth, Trust and Intimacy

Gail Glanville  

Repatterning Coach, Energy Kinesiologist


For nearly 20 years, I’ve been bringing the gentle healing power of Energy Repatterning Sessions to women and their relationships on 7 continents.

If you feel unheard, or disrespected, or struggle with controlling people, I know how uncomfortable those feelings can be. Maybe your ideas are rejected, or your need for trust and intimacy is ignored. I wrote the Goldilocks material (see free download in the left column) to help you recognize what's really going on so you can start your journey to warmth, trust and intimacy.



In the meantime, here's part of the simple system I use that gets lovely results:

1. Get clear about the real block that keeps you mired in this relationship problem. (It’s never what you think it is).

2. Change the energy around the problem, so it can be shifted. (Even Einstein said you can’t solve a problem at the level of the problem).

3. Set your new goals and raise your energy vibrations to match them. These goals should meet your needs like fulfillment, trust, belonging, security and self-worth. When your energy matches these goals, it's much easier to attract these new attributes into your life, and into your relationships.


You might feel this kind of subtle energy work is not for you. Certainly others have felt that way. But what you will find is surprising insight, a feeling of lightness, and gratitude as your relationships begin the shift from resentment to cherishing. And your love blocks dissolve more quickly than you had hoped.


I'd love to help you add more cherishing to all your relationships. Call for a free consultation!

401 654 1565



Available by phone and SKYPE.

One on one sessions last :60 to :90 minutes.

They include conversation, energy modalities and homework assignments.

Energy Kinesiology (muscle checking) keeps the session free of ego control and aligned with the clear vision of your soul's true needs and attributes.


Muscle checking is effective in person and at a distance. It draws on the knowledge that we are all one at the many levels of subtle energy. Part of my training is knowing how to zero in on the data held in your energy field no matter where you are in the world. This is only used with your express permission and for your greatest good.


QUESTIONS? Call 401 654 1565 or email for a free :30 consultation.




NOTE: I do not diagnose or prescribe. Mind-Body-Spirit energy work is not meant to replace work you may be doing with your doctor or psychotherapist. Please consult with them before beginning this work or making any changes in your medications.



My name is Gail Glanville and as a 10,000+ hour Repatterning practitioner and author I teach CLARITY. Because in today’s world getting clear about your goals, relationship strengths and talents is your most powerful asset. Read more at About Us.

"Gail is an expert at capturing your essence, your message

and your gifts and translating them into a bio that captivates and inspires your intended audience. Without embellishing or overstating, Gail helps you present yourself in your best light, allowing clients to see how you can best address their needs. She stretches your vision of yourself just enough for you to grow into a grander version of who you are.




Georgia LaCroix
Wholistic Healing Coach at Cardinal Center for Healing