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My name is Gail Glanville and I coach enterprising women who prosper.


My clients include artists, designers, practitioners of conventional and alternative medicine, and realtors.


I have enjoyed coaching coaches as well as women who have created their own business, books and healing systems.


Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women, from Australia to Canada, from Mexico to England, Spain and Taiwan.


I have written more than 50 websites that bring prosperity to enterprising women. Enterprising men too!


Today I also consult for non-profits and attract increased membership and donations by helping them add new power to their vision, mission and brand.


As an entrepreneur and former business owner, I know what it takes to go from start-up to successful operations to shaping your business or practice for long-term sustainability OR eventual sale.


Today my clients

  • Influence change in physical and behavioral health

  • Promote environmental issues like sustainable housing

  • Publish Caribbean tourism guides

  • Host educational and cultural events

  • Support historic programs and the arts

My goal: Your business prospers, new practices get launched, events flourish and conscious creators bring their dreams to life.

Click here for more about my services, or view samples here.