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Talking About Depression

Up to 80% of people who suffer from depression never get the help they need, because of the stigma attached to it. They simply hide away and suffer in silence. This article, written for a local paper, opens up the conversation and offers some simple natural remedies.



Ebook "Hey Goldilocks!"

How to use the Goldilocks "Just Right" principle to improve your relationships at home and at work.

If you recognize any of these Big Bears (Control, Deprivation, Rejection) running roughshod through your life, this book can help!

18 pages



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Gail Glanville

Health Writer


  • Writing books and articles about Health and Natural Remedies
  • Writing websites and promotional materials for Healthcare Professionals


Do you know how many healthcare professionals struggle to talk about what they do in language that motivates their customers and patients? They may be up-to-date on technical information, but the average client or patient has trouble understanding their language.


So when these professionals try to pass their information along to the people who would most benefit, their words are largely ignored. And then they label their patients or clients non-compliant. Or fail to attract people to their seminars. Or become frustrated with the slow growth of their practice.


What I do as a Health Writer is translate health jargon into the everyday language that makes articles, speeches, flyers, ads, websites and social media content accessible to a wider public.


So you gain a bigger audience for your message. So your patients become more compliant and healthy. So your clients become more engaged in their own healthcare. So your practice grows, along with your popularity as a professional.


I have written more than 50 websites for innovative health professionals and organizations. I have created new branding ideas and language for dozens more. I love to write about health and healthcare, especially from a holistic perspective.


Let’s talk about your practice or organization to see how I can help. Complementary consultation to start.



"Gail is an expert at capturing your essence, your message

and your gifts and translating them into a bio that captivates and inspires your intended audience. Without embellishing or overstating, Gail helps you present yourself in your best light, allowing clients to see how you can best address their needs. She stretches your vision of yourself just enough for you to grow into a grander version of who you are.


Georgia LaCroix

Wholistic Healing Coach at Cardinal Center for Healing



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