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Meet Gail, Owner and Founder, Change Bistro


For nearly 20 years Gail has been helping women around the world nourish their personal and entrepreneurial power. As a copy writer and psycho-spiritual energy healer, she offers a rare combination of insight, intuition and marketing expertise.


When clients clear away the blocks to fulfilling their soul purpose, Gail helps them bring their purpose to life. The result is websites like, and


In each case, the client’s passion is a service to a higher order, so the challenge Gail meets is to express their ideals in compelling language that matches the higher order. To create with words and ideas a brand identity and promise. To help the owner understand and align energetically with the real benefits they offer their customers. This is how she brings the owner’s identity, higher promise and power to life.


On-going training and practice

American Writers & Artists, Inc.

Resonance Repatterning (Chloe Faith Wordsworth)

Family/Organizational Systems (Bert Hellinger)
Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
Immunity to Change
(Robert Kegan/Lisa Lahey)
Chinese Five Elements/Taoism/Qigong
Reiki/Pranic Healing
Aromatherapy/Sound Therapy


Women's Health Council of RI, women's health advocate, event and web copywriter.

Salve Regina University, Newport RI, Instructor, Graduate Level, Marketing, Branding and Practice Development for Hollistic Counselors,

Sunbow Location Services, St. Thomas USVI. Founder and Former Owner. Traveled around the Caribbean providing extensive services to national and international film and TV production companies.

J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Account service for national advertisers, broadcast production.


Smith College, BA English Literature

Resonance Repatterning(R)
Institute, Certified Practitioner

Service and Awards

Founding Board Member Repatterning Practitioner's Association
Interim Director Resonance Repatterning Institute
American Writers and Artists, Inc. 2012 Wall of Fame
Repatterning Practitioner Association 2011 Hall of Fame




Food Repatterning & Sacred Relationships

Goldilocks Repatterning

The Goldilocks Principle

Nun Karma Repatterning (Editor & Contributor)

Beaches: US Virgin Islands

Diving Guide to the Virgin Islands

Quantum Change Made Easy, by Chloe Faith Wordsworth with Gail Glanville. All about the Resonance Repatterning(R) system.