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Gail Glanville

For more than 15 years I've helped women overcome mood disorders like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem...not with talk therapy or medication, but by going straight to the core limiting patterns and helping people change them at the cellular level.


Today I love to serve women who have been disappointed by conventional approaches lift depression, end emotional eating, calm anxiety and step out of insecurity into improved relationships, better careers and, most importantly---a truer alignment with their cell's wisdom and soul's path.


If you are looking for a proven professional in the complementary health care field, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to the effective benefits of my energy-based repatterning systems, along with comforting treatments to change your energy using color, light, sound, breath, fragrance and beauty.


One of the reasons I'm so committed to helping women lift depression is that I know all too well how desperately uncomfortable it is. I know that it contributes to emotional eating, and inhibits the immune system. I know that experiencing and overcoming depression was a necessary step in my personal growth, that it is nearly always a signal from soul that a new kind of service wants to come alive. So I feel passionately that this disease doesn't have to be a lifetime sentence or an inevitable outcome because an outside authority is reading statistics. I don't want to be a statistic, nor do I want you to be one either.


I can't promise you the world and I won't, but I can promise you improvement---sometimes in small ways and sometimes in deliciously new ways. So that you, like me, find yourself more awake, aware, productive, enchanted and fearlessly taking the new steps life holds out for you.


"We tend to think about all dis-ease as a linear challenge: take a pill, do this exercise, cut out the offender and be well. But most diseases demand a far more holistic approach.


That's why I like using Resonance Repatterning as a major part of my solution. Sessions are fully personalized. And the background of science is so fully integrated into the system that I can focus on the art and poetry that great sessions deliver. I can choose from a range of 127 energy modalities from many traditions, in customized combinations, so that diseases that include depression can be approached in all their infinite variety, treated with love, and ultimately lifted."


On-going training and practice

Resonance Repatterning (Chloe Faith Wordsworth)

Family/Organizational Systems (Bert Hellinger)
Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
Immunity to Change
(Robert Kegan/Lisa Lahey)
Chinese Five Elements/Taoism/Qigong
Reiki/Pranic Healing
Aromatherapy/Sound Therapy


Prior to moving to Florida in 2013, I served as a women's health advocate and web copywriter. I created web content, branding and event messaging for the Women’s Health Council of RI, whose mission was to expand the quality of women's healthcare across the state.

Instructor, Graduate Level, Marketing for Hollistic Counselors, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI

Founder and former owner of Sunbow Location Services, St. Thomas USVI.

Smith College, BA English Literature
Certified Practitioner Resonance Repatterning(R)

Service and Awards

Founding Board Member Repatterning Practitioner's Association
Interim Director Resonance Repatterning Institute
American Writers and Artists, Inc. 2012 Wall of Fame
Repatterning Practitioner Association 2011 Hall of Fame




Food Repatterning & Sacred Relationships

Goldilocks Repatterning

The Goldilocks Principle

Nun Karma Repatterning (Editor & Contributor)

Quantum Change Made Easy, by Chloe Faith Wordsworth with Gail Glanville. All about the Resonance Repatterning(R) system.