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(Includes the Goldilocks Repatternings)







For a deeper experience of personal change and development, my books for COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM) professionals tackle issues that are particularly challenging for women, including depression, obesity, and "not good enough" thinking. Each book provides customized tools for changing beliefs, attitudes and behaviors by naming the core problem and changing the energy around it.


The books are written for energy psychologists, professional kinesiologists and anyone in pursuit of self and soul-realization.  They are based on the Resonance Repatterning(R) system of energy psychology and energy kinesiology. A Repatterning book to help release the karmic patterns from lifetimes of limiting solemn vows made as nuns, monks and renunciates, especially for those who want to lead the edge of evolution today. This 47-page ebook is offered as a free download from the editor and contributing authors, all of whom are Resonance Repatterning and Energy Kinesiology practitioners. NEW - Professional manual hard-copy spiral-bound for $27, includes shipping within US.


Goldilocks Repatternings Four Repatterning recipes designed to name, claim and tame the 3 Big Bears of Bad Relationships and wake up the inner sleeping Goldilocks.

Put an end to "not good enough" thinking and replace it with "Just Right" knowing to life depression and improve health and happiness. This professional 98 page manual is $37 for the electronic download, and $67 for a hard-copy spiral-bound text. Shipping is included. Six Re-Patterning recipes help uproot old patterns of disordered eating and plant long-living seeds for a healthier relationship with yourself, your body, others and the way you eat. The goal: Stop emotional eating and improve health. This professional 165-page manual is $47 for the electronic download, and $77 for a hard-copy spiral-bound text. Shipping within the US is included.



Research from the fields of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology are proving that the "not good enough" patterns of thought and resonance trigger poor health, inflammatory responses and depressed immune function.


These books provide the tools to improve genetic profiles and biological expressions, by naming the core problem and changing the energy around it.


So that we become happier and healthier all the way down to our cells.


The author is a long-time certified practitioner, former Interim Director of the Resonance Repatterning Institute, founding member of the Repatterning Practitioner's Association and a 2011 inductee into the RPA Hall of Fame. She is also on the Wall of Fame at American Writers and Artists, Inc.



Beaches of the US Virgin Islands. MacMillan Press, London.

Diving Guide to the Virgin Islands. Argos Publishing, Miami.

Quantum Change Made Easy. Chloe Faith Wordsworth and Gail Noble Glanville, Resonance Publishing, Scottsdale.


"The greatest gift we can give another is the gift of self-realization."  GLENDA GREEN