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Changing Together

People who choose this work are usually women, but not always.


They are usually in the arts, healing arts, expressive arts or design fields. But not always.


They are usually on a path of personal development, seeking the rewards of inner achievement as well as a solution to a particular problem. But not always.


What does always happen is that we change together.


To get esoteric for a moment, we live in a holographic universe where each atomic particle contains the DNA of the whole.


That means that whatever energetic shift we create in your session benefits the whole. So the more sessions you have, the more you contribute to the greater good, and the happier, healthier your genes become!



Do you know how many women suffer from depression and resort to emotional eating as their only source of comfort? (Maybe you are one of them. You probably know someone who is.)


10% of the women in RI (where I lived before moving to FL) had at least one major depressive episode and up to 80% of them don’t get treatment. More than half of all women are overweight or obese. It’s no surprise that when people are depressed, they turn to food for comfort, gain weight, endure low self-esteem, and ache with bitterness fueled by their undeveloped potential.


This pattern is so prevalent that the World Health Organization predicts by 2020 the leading disability in women worldwide will be depression!


I believe one reason for this statistic is that many traditional doctors and therapists don’t have the tools to access the deeply organic, body-mind-spirit stressors that trigger depression and emotional eating, so they find these kinds of disabilities among their most difficult to treat. The result: Depression and obesity (and breast cancer) continue to rise, and women in particular continue to suffer.


What if there were a way to lift the underlying shock that fuels depression, emotional eating and unhealthy cells---safely, effectively, with no drugs or pills---by activating your hidden body-mind-spirit wisdom? 


What I provide as a Resonance Repatterning® and Family Systems Practitioner is a series of private and group sessions that use a proven organic, integrative, body-mind-spirit approach to relieving depression and emotional eating.


Together in our sessions, we

    • Access your body-mind-spirit wisdom via Energy Kinesiology
    • Discover the hidden limiting patterns that contain unresolved shock and trauma
    • Challenge and release your resonance with the patterns that are no longer needed
    • Develop the healing path, according to your body-mind-spirit wisdom, that fulfills your soul's higher potential for mastery, healthy relationships, effectiveness and generosity
    • Activate your potential (using a supportive combination of high-frequency tools that your soul responds to---like mindful visualization, sacred sound, color/light, breath, free movement, tapping and energetic contact, essential fragrances and geometric shapes---all of which have been used since ancient times to restore whole-system balance at the cellular level).
    • Manifest your changing knowledge, attitude, skills and behaviors, through the use of customized take-home action steps that have been verified by your body/soul wisdom.

As a result of these sessions, your point of strength shifts from inner limitation to internal wisdom; you begin to feel more energized and hopeful; you learn the kind of nourishment your body-mind-spirit is really hungry for; you are able to sustain energetic progress towards your growth and gain; and you regain the ability to matter in the world---because you have been deeply heard and treated at the many levels where your inner good is no longer buried.


Want to try a private session?

Please email me or CLICK HERE to book a session.


PLEASE NOTE  Like most Eastern medicine and CAM practitioners, my goal is not to heal or cure in the Western sense. Rather it is to restore a "just right" state of balance where you live comfortably according to your innate self healing abilities.



In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.  BUCKMINSTER FULLER