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Client Campaigns, Web Writing and Copywriting

Each one of these projects began with a personal dream, a vision of what might be possible, a hope that expressed the individual's heart. Now fully branded in print and on the web, each entrepreneur is ably serving good, growth and gain in a key industry, somewhere in the world.


Sample branding and websites:


Training and other services provided for:


Women's Health Council of RI, Providence

Holistic Leadership Institute/Salve Regina University, Newport

Resonance Repatterning Institute, Scottsdale

Immunity to Change/Minds at Work, Cambridge


"This support was critical in helping me understand how to position myself, how to communicate the right message, and how to differentiate myself from other business coaches in the European market.Sonia Georgiadou, Athens, Greece


"Thank you for helping me create two direct mail campaigns that produced a gross revenue potential of over $16,000 for my new property management business." Stacy Corrigan, Woonsocket, RI


"If you need any support to find, strengthen or inspire your own creativity, passion, focus or life purpose, Gail’s services are for you! I can’t recommend them highly enough."  Bobbie Martin Kansas City, MO



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