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When you’re just starting out, conventional wisdom says it takes a year to build a practice.


It also takes knowing how to craft your message and your promise, and how to give your prospect the kind of proof that reassures them you can be trusted. This is more and more tricky to do, whether you’re starting out or starting over.


Knowing yourself, your strengths and talents, really matter.


Finding the right words and making the right promise really



The more authentic and close to your true essence your promise is, the easier it is to prove.


The more your vibrational frequencies match your words, the easier it is for your ideal customer to resonate with them.


I help find the words that match your essence that fuel your core promise. Because I am a Resonance Repatterning practitioner as well as a copywriter, I am an expert at respecting the vibrational integrity of the words that energize the promise you keep.


And I can help you clear out any vibrational blocks that blur your message.


"Any individual or business will deeply appreciate the gifs you bring, your high intelligence, focus, business experience, wisdom and commitment." Chloe Faith Wordsworth Founder, Resonance Repatterning, Scottsdale, AZ