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How May I Serve You?

What do you need to know in order to feel comfortable reserving a Change Bistro session? The following Q&A may help.


What do others say?

"Any individual or business will deeply appreciate the gifs you bring, your high intelligence, focus, business experience, wisdom and commitment." Chloe Faith Wordsworth Founder, Resonance Repatterning, Scottsdale, AZ

Just wanted to thank you for a great session. It's so comforting and confirming that you "get" me in such a small amount of time. It makes therapy effortless for me. With a great therapist I am a great client. Otherwise I can be quite resistant and judgmental. With you, I can relax and go with you. That's a great talent you have.

HG Rhode Island


I received the Food Repatterning book yesterday and read up through Food and Your Thoughts...I just love it! I look forward to incorporating your recipes into my practice. I have many who will enjoy this addition to my work. I mean really, who doesn't have food issues?:) I can't wait to use it for me! 

TB Delaware


I just wanted to pop in and say "It is still working.” Your repatterning session really shifted me out of a dark place. Thank you so much for your connection to heart and soul. I feel renewed.

EM Rhode Island


I had stopped giving Jin Shin or BodyTalk sessions because I felt so disempowered. Since our sessions, I have been feeling much more optimistic and lighter, more confident and empowered. So I gave some sessions to friends and I could feel a shift in their power. One client said she slept well for the first time in nine days. The other simply said the session helped her. This is a tremendous change for me.

BL New York


In 2004 a pilot research project surveyed 48 clients and 24 practitioners (including me) to document the outcomes of a selected Repatterning session. 95% of clients reported feeling better to a lot better at the end of the session.


What happens in a session?  (ideally via speaker phone). We talk for a while to get acquainted with each other and with the problem you want to address. Then I ask permission to muscle check for you. My training includes subtle energy kinesiology, which takes advantage of the fact that everything is energy: everything about you exists as a vibrating field of energy. The same is true for me, and everything between us is also a vibrating field of energy.


I have learned how to connect my energy to yours and check the strength of my finger muscles to “read” the messages (or patterns) stored in your core energy system. From that point on, everything in the session (problem statements, intention statements and choice of modalities) is directed by your inner or core or higher wisdom via my muscle checking. Our egos are set aside. If at any point you feel uncomfortable rather than empowered, speak up and we can take a pause.


Is this right for you? In my nearly 20 years of experience, I have some general observations that might help. Clients who benefit the most are open to developing their emotional intelligence. They know they are in pain and they want to make a change. They are willing to do the work that’s required. They are what I’d call a motivated client.


But there are others who do well too. You don’t need to know anything about energy medicine, or psychological patterns or brain science. You simply need to show up and trust that your inner wisdom combined with my CAM training will take us to your ideal place for happiness and health.


Try a session. If you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money without question.


If you do like your session, find it beneficial and empowering, then consider adding it to your on-going self-care practice, not because the doctor has ordered it but because you know it is good for you and the others in your life.


How many sessions would I need? The founder of the Resonance Repatterning method, Chloe Wordsworth, always answers this question with one of her own:  “How much light and love to you want to hold?” She has a point!


My answer is a bit different because of my focus on specific healthcare issues.


I have seen depression lift after one session; more commonly 2 sessions a month over an extended period of months is needed. Most clients who come to me for depression are already on anti-depressants. I don’t diagnose or prescribe so would never recommend that you stop your medication. CAM work of this type will not interfere with your other treatments; the goal is to improve your sense of empowerment and core well-being.


I usually give Food Repatternings in a group setting, because so many food issues are also relationship issues. The minimum is 6 sessions.


Sometimes systemic shock can be released in one session, but not always.


Breast cancer treatments ideally include 3 sessions prior to surgery and 6 – 8 afterwards.


Finally, your own body-mind system is the best guide, especially since these conditions seldom exist as isolated incidents. Also we can heal shock or trauma at one level; then as you evolve into higher levels, that same incident may show up to be assimilated at a higher level.