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Isn’t it time you overcame the last remnants of low self-worth, or uncertainty of purpose, or lingering feelings that you don’t belong or aren’t welcome?


Even Jesus taught his disciples, if they walked into a village and their message was not received, then shake the dust off their sandals and keep walking until they came to a village where they were welcomed, fed and invited to speak.


Now the energies around the world are becoming more and more refined, so your message is more and more likely to be received.


But when you’ve been accommodating yourself to denser energies, it can be a challenge to re-claim your sense of worthiness.


And, in this new energy, it can be hard to recognize which doors are really open for you and which ones are about to slam in your face.


My sessions, seminars, books and audios are all designed to help you move smoothly into the new energies and claim your worth, because as a holistic professional, you need to know why you really, really matter!


"Any individual or business will deeply appreciate the gifts you bring, your high intelligence, focus, business experience, wisdom and commitment." Chloe Faith Wordsworth Founder, Resonance Repatterning, Scottsdale, AZ