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Do you know how many inspired people have an idea for a business of their own, one that would bring healthy change to other people or industries, but don’t know how to get their business launched? Or try to launch but their messages are weak and confusing?


The same is true for leaders inside existing businesses and organizations, where the changing economy demands changes in procedures and products, but the steps for communicating these changes seem unclear or unacceptable, and opportunities for growth are slowed or evaporate.


Wouldn’t you like a change campaign that advances your business, industry, group, or even your professional excellence?


What we do is package and launch change initiatives, providing a range of services from assessing your core concepts to developing your brand, logo, language, promise, platform, resilient product mix, collateral materials and web content.


So you the entrepreneur or executive have everything you need to launch your new business, your change initiative or your change event—and are prepared to enter the market at a high level of excellence, coherence and effectiveness.


We build the communications architecture so your purpose attracts your ideal customers.


THE FUEL  It’s easy to copy others and create something that’s just a little bit different for a slightly lower price, or even slightly higher price. What is hard, and what will last, is to take the time to create something exceptional that is representative of you alone.


A new idea that is beautifully packaged leads to a trail-blazing and sustainable service, because you’ve created an environment people want to spend time with. When your product or service is uniquely yours, it’s easier for your ideal customer to find you and for your constituents to manifest the change you seek.


THE FACTS   All of our clients have earned back 100% to 500% of the cost of this service within their first month of operation. If we’ve created an event or change initiative, all have met or exceeded their goals.


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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  HAROLD WHITMAN