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Please Note

I do not diagnose or prescribe. Like most Eastern medicine and CAM practitioners, my goal is not to heal or cure in the Western sense. Rather it is to restore a "just right" state of balance where you live comfortably according to your innate self healing abilities.


Private Session

You may arrive with a topic or goal in mind. We'll also use the tool of subtle energy muscle checking to seek out the inner body patterns and issues that represent the real problem, so you can assimilate the truth it holds for you. Muscle checking also accesses your cellular wisdom to help you match the energy of core health and happiness.


By phone and Skype

60-90 Minutes

One session @ $110

Four sessions @ $400

Ten sessions @ $900


"Thank you for the profound difference you have made in my life and the lives of others...thank you for changing the world, one woman at a time... one person at a time!" Angela Blackman, Port of Spain, Trinidad



401 654 1565