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Assessment  Everyone has gifts and talents. You may be using your gifts in your health profession, but you won't ever feel fulfilled an dhappy unless you are using your core talents. These assessments help you get clear on the core talents that make you unique.


Product and Platform   Your services and the promise you make. You may offer one service, but whan you create a variety of options, you turn your practice into a business.


Unique Sales and Value Proposition   Customers need a reason why they should use your services and not someone elses. Putting this proposition in customer-centered writing enhances the appeal of your services.


Building Your Brand  Your brand isn't the promise you make, it's the experience you deliver. Let's find out what your brand really is.


CV/Bio More than a resume, this document has to prove why you are the best person to be offering your services. Your CV forms the backbone of your ABOUT page on your website. It has a short version to go at the end of articles or on flyers.


Brochure/Flyer  A customer-friendly handout is consistent with your brand, platform and value proposition.


Web Copy  I include customer-centered content, key words and special offers to keep your site lively.


Elevator Speech  My proven formula makes it easy to talk about your business in ways that keep people's attention and moves them forward with a call to action.


Custom pricing according to your need and budget.

Starting cost: $500




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