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It’s true: Nothing in business happens without first putting an idea on paper. Copy refers to the words you choose to describe your idea.


That way others can spend time with the idea and decide if they believe your product or service will provide the change they seek, if it resonates with them as true and desirable, if it lifts them higher.


That’s why the words you use are so important, especially when your service is invisible and intangible.


Customers can’t kick your practice or service. They can't see it or stroke it; they can only go by how GREAT you and your words make them feel.


(To learn more, view free You Tubes on marketing your invisible intangible service.)


Here’s what I mean from one client’s example:


“Congratulations on launching your inspiring site!!!

( What really touched me is how the work you’re describing is such an extension of how I experience you: compassionate, brave, empowering!!”


Isn’t that the kind of energized response you’d like? Here's how I help you get it!


PROSPERITY SCAN This is an affordable introductory service that evaluates where you are now, what your strengths are, what your opportunities are and how you can strengthen the "About" page on your website. Includes 2 one-hour phone conversations and copy-writing. It's designed to strengthen your brand and existing materials when you know for sure it's time to prosper up. $419.


THROUGHLINE Find the one thing that makes you and your service unique. Thread it through everything you say and do, and you'll have no competition for your services. It informs all the other ways to deliver your message, listed below. 2 hours by phone and Internet.  $250


TAG LINE/8 WORD DESCRIPTION Once you know your throughline, this is a brief way to identify yourself to others. Like "I write copy that sells." Or "I turn lack into abundance." Isn't this more dynamic than saying "I am an energy practitioner?" $150


GREAT ELEVATOR SPEECH When you have to talk about yourself and what you do, rule number one is to start with the end in mind. Have a special offer ready that will meet your goal. Then there are 3 "prompts" to create an elevator speech that elevates the listener so they do what you want them to. You'll need to know your throughline, your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them, along with the services you offer. Once we put it all together, you'll practice in front of a mirror until you own it!



WEB CONTENT I write web copy so you prosper. So your unique service is well defined along with a variety of ways to deliver it. So your identity leaps off the page. Because the purpose of your website is to make a promise to your customers, it also has to prove that promise in a way that is true to who you are and how your customers experience your service. That's what your brand is. I'm an expert at helping entrepreneurs and energy healers develop an inspiring brand identity and turn it into web copy that sells. I'd love to do the same with you.

The price of this service depends on the size of your business and the number of pages your site needs.

Web copywriting fees start at $800.

Copy Editing is $100 per hour.


BROCHURE/FLYER Everything I've written about the products and services above is true for your brochure. It's true for your business card and anything else you create. I'm happy to help you create it. So you prosper!

Brochure copy starts at $550.


BUSINESS CARD  Think of your card as a mini-ad.It can do much more than give your contact information. It carries your energy and tells your story in brief. It can bring hope to the person holding it. It can open doors and put you on the map.

It has to match the energy, message and promise of all your other materisls. This one little piece of card stock will work hard for you if it's done with care.

Business Card copy  $300


BIO/ABOUT PAGE This isn't just a list of what you've done and where you've been. It has a much more important purpose, ie., to prove the promise you make to your customers. They may be doubtful about energy work. Or feel unsure that you're the one to help them. Or insecure about revealing themselves to you. So with the right copy, this page can go a long way to providing the reassurance your ideal customer needs in order to work with you. Starts at $300.


Let's talk!  401 654 1565.

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If you're hesitant, see below!


"This support was critical in helping me understand how to position myself, how to communicate the right message, and how to differentiate myself from other business coaches in the European market.” Sonia Georgiadou, Athens, Greece




To evolve in consciousness, to grow, learn and prosper in all the ways that are aligned with the highest version of yourself. When you are feeling tethered or trapped, know that old frequency patterns are running your life. Now is the time to change them, because so many higher levels of consciousness are here to help us at this time. And your unifying energy is needed.

I have 10,000 plus hours of training and practice so I'm happy to help you raise your frequencies, move into a higher version of yourself and express your dream.





4 Sessions in 4 Weeks for the Price of Three  $3600


"Thank you for the profound difference you have made in my life and the lives of others...thank you for changing the world, one woman at a time... one person at a time!" Angela Blackman, Port of Spain, Trinidad



401 654 1565