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Nirvana Temple, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Saturday afternoons: February 7, 14, 21, 28, 2015  

TIME: 2:00-5:00PM

Package fee for 4 classes: $240, includes donation to the Temple



Do you know how many holistic professionals fail to promote their service in a way that attracts ideal customers?


In these workshops you’ll learn:

  • What your core strengths are
  • The secret formula for a dynamic elevator speech you can give with confidence
  • How to package your body-mind-spirit service so you have no competition
  • Why you want your offer to be unique, useful, urgent and ultra-specific
  • How to develop an income-boosting range of products and services
  • The best places to prove the promise you make your prospective customers
  • Which words never, ever to say or write about your service!

In these workshops, each class builds on the one before it. Every class honors body, mind and spirit.  Each class leads you closer to the fulfillment of your potential.

Please, if you are so guided, join me at the Nirvana Temple in Estate Mandahl, St. Thomas for this series. Enjoy a gorgeous, sacred space, spectacular view and the company of your peers!



Offered for the first time in the Virgin Islands, this series has been taught on-line, on You Tube, at a Harvard Graduate program and for Salve Regina University’s Holistic Counseling program. Instructor Gail Glanville is a returning island resident with 10,000 plus hours in the practice of energy medicine, aka Holographic/Resonance Repatterning. She is also a copywriter and published author.





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We are so fortunate to have you working with us! I appreciate your passion and skill, including your ability to hear the "missing" piece for the seminar participants. Lisa Lahey, MINDS AT WORK, Boston MA